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Are you looking for a top

music producer in

New York?


Marley Crew is a multifaceted and multi-talented producer who is the head of an up and coming music production company in New York. He has garnered lots of notice and earned critical acclaim from several artists who have entrusted him with their music, producing beats, engineering, mixing and mastering tracks for many of the next generation of cutting edge musicians.


But Marley Crew is more than just the head of a music production company. He is also an artist who shapes every beat of every song he works on. His intuition and a finely tuned ear create music that reflects his own sensibilities and the artistic visions of those who he collaborates with.


Marley Crew is easy to work with, but he is also highly focused and will fight hard for ideas that will take a rough cut to final finished art, only compromising when it is for the good of a project.

More than just a Los Angeles music production company

Services offered:

  • Music Score
  • Sound design
  • ADR
  • Dialogue recording
  • Sound & Dialogue editing
  • Foley & Sound effects
  • Re-recording mix, 5.1 and stereo offered

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